About ATM Wireless

ATM Wireless is a division of Financial Products LLC and has been providing ATM's, parts, accessories and supplies for over 15 years to the ATM, resataurant,  amusement and POS systems. The main reason we are in the router business is because we were only able to get what other wireless cellular companies offered at thier price.  We wanted and needed more from our cellular routers.  What they all offered is basically the same things and not much in the way of choices.  What we wanted and needed is not what any of them had.  The dual sim card standard was our first and most needed item.  With this option we had an insurance policy if we were out of town at a mobile vent and one carrier towers went down we had another one on standby.  We also wanted the GPS option at an afforable price.  With the Milesight, formally known as Ursalink, UR32 we have everything an ATM business, digital signage, remote camera surveillance, internet failover and POS systems needs plus the dual ethernet ports also allows the same router to be used for internet failover that all businesses need.

Customer Service

Customer service is paramount to any business success.  We know how important it is to provide superior service after the sale or rental of any of our products. You, as the business owner, want us to provide quality equipment and service that is not prone to malfunctions. We have already assured reliablle equipment for you by choosing the Milesight UR32 that we use every day for our business.  We did not get into the wireless router business just to sell more products.  We wanted a solution we could depend on to use in our business every day, year after year so our customers will also have the same good experience.  Everything we offer is something that we use every day and all items are tried and true.  With our memberships to several trade organizations we are able to keep up with new rules and regulations so we "Keep You Connected".

ATM Wireless is a member of the National ATM Council    ATM Wireless is a proud member of the Houston Lodging Association of Greater Houston


Starting in 2000, we were Checkmatic, Inc that provided electronic payment services through the ACH newtork to large and small companies throughout the US.  In 2008 we integrated the ATM business into the electronic payments business to provide ATM service to mobile events.  In 2010 we reincorporated to Financial Products LLC and added the DBA ATM Houston and started deploying ATM's in locations throughout Houston and surrounding area.  In 2012 we added ATM Austin, ATM Dallas and ATM San Antionio.  In 2015 we started working on our eCommerce site, www.atmsamerica.com and the launch took place in 2018.  Prior to the launch we set up our supply chiains from Asia and Europe to supply the demand we were expecting.  In 2018 we were not happy with any of the options available with cellular routers that were available to us domestically.  In 2019 we traveled overseas to shore up our suppliers and to add the important part of the supply chain with the cellular routers.  Upon return we added ATM Wireless to our business.  Our immediate action was to replace all of the current routers with our own Milesight UR32 and use our own data plans.  The Milesight, formally known as Ursalink, UR32 is now working on ATM machines, remote surveillance cameras, remote access gate entry systems, digital signage, POS systems and internet failover.  With over 30 years combined experience providing customer service to small Mom and Pop local businesses, as well as to the large multi-state and multi-location businesses, we have a proven track record. This is why some of the largest companies in the USA have chosen us to take care of their ATM needs.