Digital Signage

When compared to traditional signage, going digital simplifies content management. Content can be simply updated through a content management system; whether hosted locally, via USB, via a local area network, or wirelessly with the option to utilize cellular technology from Milesight, formally known as Ursalink, UR32 Industrial router

ATM Wireless has partnered with Milesight to provide communications to the Digital Signage sector with internet access via 3G or 4G cellular routers to update their digital signage content. For most applications, ATM Wireless uses the Milesight, formally known as Ursalink, Ursalink UR32  4G LTE cellular router.

The primary purpose of the internet connection is to allow the media player to check the CMS (Content Management Server) for new media updates so advertisers can keep the displayed video and images up to date. The Cellular connection can also allow applications such as Teamviewer or Intel's VPro technology to allow remote maintenance of digital signage sites with the potential of saving the cost of site visits. The auto reboot function of the Milesight UR332 refresahes the router daily reducing or eliminating the need to manually reboot the router.