ATM Wireless Network Pricing:

Retail price of the Ursalink UR32 is $189.00 with dealer pricing very attractive on hardware and data. The chip shortage has caused Milesight and, ATM's America to raise prices a small amount to cover the increased cost. For use on an ATM the standard pricing is $4.95 per month for a 10MB plan verses 5MB that is standard with everybody else.  This allows the routers to be used to upload software remotely.  We have found that this is more than enough.  Don't worry about overage charges because you and everyone else on a 10MB plans are pooled not just with your ATM's but with any and all ATM's on the 10MB plans.  You can also lease the router with data for $12.95 per month with a one year agreement.  You are not in a pool by yourself.  You are in our pool and every other user in the pool with the same data plans.  For large deployments contact us for bulk pricing plans.  We can and will build a plan that works for you.

Internet Failover Pricing:

Our internet failover plans for the router and 1GB of data starts at $29.00 per month.  We have found that for most businesses this is adequate.  Once again if you go over you are in a pooled plan and getting charged for small overages is probably not going to happen.  Larger plans for 5, 10, 50 GB or more are priced per agreement that we will work out with you before you spend a dime.

Dealer Contact:

While these prices are standard retail pricing please refer to our dealers under our "Where To Buy" link.  We only advise our dealers of our suggested retail pricing.  What you negotiate with our dealers may be a better than a retail cost.