Business Problems:

Internet failover is a must in business today.  If your wired internet provider boasts of 99% uptime that equals over 80 hours a year of lost time and money!  The losses due to your wired internet going down can cost any business allot of money in lost production, lost revenue, lost communication with eCommerce sales and lost credit card purchases or the risk of fraud in using offline credit card charges.  Having internet failover is like having insurance for your business.  You hope you never need it but when you do there is a solution.  ATM Wireless takes it a step further with dual sim cards.  Read the article and see what the experts are saying: 

Internet Failover Solutions:  We have the solution for internet failover and cellular failover. 

Our internet failover solution provides you with the comfort in knowing that the wireless network will keep you connected.  Using IP over Cellular communications with the Milesight, formally known as Ursalink, UR32 gives you the backup you need until your ISP can restore you service.  With the use of the CAT4 module, the UR32 is ten times faster than CAT1 or CAT1M.  The only known cellular router that has a CAT4 module by Quectel is Milesight. You can still use your VOIP phones, read your email, receive eCommerce orders and process them immediately and search the internet.

The Milesight UR32 is in an always on position and in only seconds starts providing data to all of your critical systems.  Your wired connections comes into your business to the ISP modem.  The CAT5 from the modem goes to the LAN1 ethernet port.  The second CAT5 leaves the LAN2 ethernet port and connects to your router or switch to provide data to all of your devices.  We do recommend that you leave one device not connected to the UR32 so you know when your wired internet is down.  The speeds you get with the UR32 makes it hard to know when your ISP is down.