We keep you connected with the Milesight, formally known as Ursalink, UR32 and UR32-L** using 4G LTE technology and the CAT4 module for faster speeds and more bandwidth.  With our pooled data the chance of being charged for overages is very small if not nonexistant.  There is no need to manually reboot the router since you can schedule a time every day to have the router reboot.  You can even set up the router to email you every time it reboots.  With the UR32 and our flexible data plans we will keep you connected.  If you have one device or 1000's we will get you on the best plan for the money even if we have to customize a plan for you.  Our standard plans for ATM's are 10MB instead of 5MB.  This allows ATM operators to install software remotely while staying within their data plans.  ATM Wireless for internet failover starts at $29.00 per month with a one yeart agreement for a 1GB plan that includes the router.  If you purchase the router your data is $18.00 per month for 1GB

** Coming Soon