August 2021

Ursalink and Milesight have joined together and offer more than just cellular routers.  Take a look at for all the great products they offer

July 2020

We have made the hard decison not to be at NAC this year due to the ongoing pandemic.  We may also not go to ATMIA in February and AMOA in March next year. We feel it is better to be on the cautious side at this time.  It is also safer for our empoloyees to not travel.  At ATM's America we are having a sale on all routers from $169.00 to $149.00 until at least the end of August.  There are plenty in stock.  We are still looking for qualified resellers that receive wholesale pricing on hardware and data plans.  Minimum order to start with is 25 routers.  You do not have to activate sim cards until the router is deployed.

May 2020

Ursalink updates the firmware for the UR32 to add more features and settings for a better experience.  Auto reboot included in this update.

October 2020 we will be at NAC 2020 with our wireless routers and offering special show pricing from October 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020

April 2020

ATM Wireless fine tunes the configuration for the Ursalink UR32

March 2020

ATM Wireless will be in New Orleans, LA for the AMOA trade show

February 2020

AT&T certifies the Ursalink UR 32 industrial router to run on the AT&T network.  ATM Wireless will be on full display with the new Ursalink UR32 at ATMIA 2020 in Houston, TX