ATM Wireless Network Solutions

The ATM Wireless Network has seen many problems over the years with other providers.  We have experienced many at ATM's America and ATM Houston.  With all the years using wireless routers it seemed that we were never able to get what we wanted and had to take what they had.  In the past, unlike now, there was 2G then 3G and now pretty much all of them are 4G LTE with some 5G.  All of them did the same thing without many additional features.  The ATM Network in partnership with Milesight, formally known as Ursalink has added features in the beginning so we could offer what other did not.  ATM Wireless had the dual sim option that others are beginning to have now.  ATM wireless uses a CAT4 module for faster upload and download speeds to keep your ATM customer lines moving faster.  The ATM wireless Network has the only router with a micro SD slot to record raw logs for diagnostics.  Milesight is the only router today that has the capability to automatically reboot the router daily or weekly at any time or mulitple times a day. 

Some have ventured into the 5G market now that will, like in the past, compete with ALL the cell phones.  We have opted to stay with the 4G LTE technology for this reason.  The more people that get new 5G phones will mean less traffic on the 4G LTE.  This gives us an atvantage because we use the Milesight UR 32 for our fleet of ATM's and in our every day operations.  We know what ATM operators are faced with.  Pretty much everybody offers the "Pooled Plans" so we are not unique in this.  Data prices have gone down over the last couple of years for some companies while others still charge up to $9.95 per month per ATM.  We offer a five year warranty on hardware with data plans and will even provide overnight replacement with return shipping labels to send a malfunctioning router back to us.  So far none have malfunctioned.